For the person who requested that the password for this account be reset … sorry, you can’t have this account. I lol’d when I checked my email. 😀 It’s mine. There’s still plenty of usernames for you to use out there.

Anyways, my spring break is coming up soon. Woot.

Hello, 2009. Welcome, Winter Quarter. Since that last post, a lot of things have happened in my life. Well, kind of not really. I survived autumn quarter with a pretty decent GPA. Now I’m taking MATH 308, CSE 321, JAPAN 112, and LING 200. Blaaaaah. Not gonna say anything about that right now, since it’s only the first week.

One pretty strange thing that happened to me was that I got asked to a Homecoming dance by a middle school classmate of mine, who’s still in high school. Not even at my old high school, but at the neighboring one. This was pretty strange because I hadn’t really talked to this guy in something like three years. Also pretty trippy because I used to like him back in the day, something which he should be perfectly aware of since about fifty billion people told him. There’s some more to the story but I’m not going to share it here. I’ve documented it in my other journals anyways. At any rate, it was the most random thing that’s ever happened to me, but I went with him and generally had a good time.

That aside … I get the feeling I might be depressed. I don’t know why.

It amazes me how I got onto wordpress.com when it first started. I bet there are people who have wanted this username? 😛 Oh well. I think I actually want some kind of daily-blog thing, so here I go. 🙂

My dad told me about Palin’s “We’re next to Russia” thing and I just laughed. I can so imagine Mr. Black saying something about how it’s not NEXT to but more like west of … but lollllerskates. I can’t believe she said that. It’s like “Canada is above the US.” Yeah, if Canada is a floating continent. How stupid is that?

Autumn quarter. Sophomore year. I had a lot of stress coming into this quarter because I had a lot of trouble with changing classes. Everything’s settled down now, and I’m taking CSE 341, MATH 126, and JAPAN 111. Japanese is going ok … I need to study the vocabulary and do the vocal part of my homework that’s due tomorrow. Math is in general a bitch (I hate calculus) and today we didn’t even do the first part of the worksheet in class because everyone was basically like “… w t f” and yeah. CSE 341 causes me the most stress, though, because I only know Java. This is also the same for others in the class, but I feel this immense pressure from that class…

We have this assignment due next Friday and I did the big part of it on Tuesday. It’s a polynomial-multiplier type thing and oh my gosh. I have like … so many helper methods. I think I had seven just for the polynomial multiplier itself. And then I had a couple to help me with the custom “print” function for each polynomial x___X but I tried my best. I’ll try to tweak it but I don’t know what else I should do.

Ok, well, I’m going to do my Japanese homework. Perhaps I’ll be able to play some videogames tonight? *__*

I love that song from Enchanted. Hahaha. It was an okay movie, but I dunno.

P3 imagery is really disturbing. I don’t mind the whole Evoker to head thing but ansdlfieunfalkjfahwel some of the other stuff… damn I hate Tartarus. I’d just rather not go there at all DX If I hadn’t come across that weird Reaper thing I probably wouldn’t hate it so much… but it was an accident!! DD8

I think maybe I’ll take a break from that and go play some FFXII when I get the chance next. I need to play moar of that. Ivalice is nice and sunny. FFX is starting to depress me, will get back to that later.

Hahaha, the RPG I choose to play depends on my mood… not really that surprising but lol. I put too much importance and stress out too much over these games.

Mmmm, Persona 3 should be coming today. Which means I’ll have three unfinished RPGs on my hands. I’ve never had that “issue” before. Oh well, I’m not doing anything particularly productive. And I’m really attached to FFX right now so I’ll just finish that and then I’ll make some headway through P3. I started FFXII yesterday and dammit I screwed up already, I didn’t go back to the Sandsea to get my reward for killing the Rogue Tomato (dumbest name ever haha) but I went to see the Dulan guy or whatever his name is and then I opened that chest which the guide says NOT to because that is something you need to get *~*~*~super powerful weapon~*~*~* near the end, so lsdkfdkfjalsdfklkfaddlsdkfjdf. I am so DUMB. Whatever, I’m pretty bad at these games anyways =______= They’re so long so once I finish them I probably won’t go back and play them again the RIGHT way for a long time. Which is sad! Nrangranghragghaahghgahghghhgngngngh.

I have a cut on my finger. Don’t know where it came from. Oh, that reminds me, I need to cut my nails. …So pleasant.

Today’s also my doctor’s appointment… going to get a blood test. Don’t know how much blood they’ll take but hopefully not too much? God, I hate needles…. I totally just twitched/convulsed in real life.

I thought grades were going to be posted today. I checked… and nothing D: I felt my stress level go up as I logged into the system, a feeling I haven’t had in a couple days. Which is REALLY nice, y’know?

Okay. I’m done here, for now.

Oh, world.


Wooo. Bought FFXII (did it just become Greatest Hits? Really, I swear, it was just $50 like a week ago and now it’s $20…) and am progressing through FFX.


Remix time.


I’m running myself dry. I’ve got a TTR due tomorrow (“Try To Write,” haha, not really, it’s actually “Ticket To Ride”) and it’s 12:03 AM and I do NOT want to do this since it’s hard for me to arrange my thoughts augh. And I just posted about Geass and I’ve been wasting time for the past like five hours auuuugh

Math final on Friday, BIO A 101 final on Monday… can you say stress? I really need to manage my time better askjfnlweifun.

I’m so tired. But I gotta write the later 40% of this essay. Who though one page could be so hard to write?