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Hello again. My usage of this thing really is sporadic. I forget about it and then I remember it again, and I come back. Now I’m a junior, back on the pre-med track. Taking a double whammy of biology and organic chemistry, which is pretty standard sophomore coursework. I’m a year behind. Debating whether I […]

It amazes me how I got onto when it first started. I bet there are people who have wanted this username? 😛 Oh well. I think I actually want some kind of daily-blog thing, so here I go. 🙂 My dad told me about Palin’s “We’re next to Russia” thing and I just laughed. […]

I love that song from Enchanted. Hahaha. It was an okay movie, but I dunno. P3 imagery is really disturbing. I don’t mind the whole Evoker to head thing but ansdlfieunfalkjfahwel some of the other stuff… damn I hate Tartarus. I’d just rather not go there at all DX If I hadn’t come across that […]

Mmmm, Persona 3 should be coming today. Which means I’ll have three unfinished RPGs on my hands. I’ve never had that “issue” before. Oh well, I’m not doing anything particularly productive. And I’m really attached to FFX right now so I’ll just finish that and then I’ll make some headway through P3. I started FFXII […]

Oh, world.


Wooo. Bought FFXII (did it just become Greatest Hits? Really, I swear, it was just $50 like a week ago and now it’s $20…) and am progressing through FFX. AKJFNWRLIWUFNEWLIFUNAPSFWOeIASLDKSJALDASJSDL:DKDLSDLSDLLKSLSD