I love Epik High.


I’m still alive! 🙂 Well, anyways, I still don’t know what to us this for … Hmm, well, recently (last Saturday in fact) I was lucky enough to be able to go to Epik High’s Map The Soul concert! It was an amazing experience and I love Epik High even more. I also touched Tablo’s hand, LOL. Hopefully that doesn’t sound too odd haha but I’m pretty sure that’s standard conduct at a concert. My friend and I started out maybe ten feet away from the stage and wormed our way to like … the second “row.” Open standing woo yeah. So in this past week I’ve probably blown over $100 on Epik High merchandise (not counting my concert ticket). I bought two tshirts (one for a friend in Los Angeles), a concert towel, and I ordered their Map The Soul bookalbum and Tablo’s Pieces of You yesterday. Sigh. Not going to buy anything for the next six months, okay …

I didn’t go to their meet and greet on Sunday, which I’m still beating myself up for. I hope they come back again!

Anyways, it’s almost summer break for me … two more weeks. Two more weeks!!!!!! TWO. MORE. WEEKS!!

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