For the person who requested that the password for this account be reset … sorry, you can’t have this account. I lol’d when I checked my email. šŸ˜€ It’s mine. There’s still plenty of usernames for you to use out there.

Anyways, my spring break is coming up soon. Woot.

One Response to “Hahahahaha”

  1. haha i actually come across lots of wordpress domain that is on hiatus so I just comment the owner and ask for account

    to my surprise many of them did give me their account, except one…
    i’m using the account i get today, i cant believe its true haha!

    yep Hikari sure is going to be very popular~

    and now i get too much account i wanted…i feel depressed of not know how to use it haha.

    update more~

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