How does she know you love her…


I love that song from Enchanted. Hahaha. It was an okay movie, but I dunno.

P3 imagery is really disturbing. I don’t mind the whole Evoker to head thing but ansdlfieunfalkjfahwel some of the other stuff… damn I hate Tartarus. I’d just rather not go there at all DX If I hadn’t come across that weird Reaper thing I probably wouldn’t hate it so much… but it was an accident!! DD8

I think maybe I’ll take a break from that and go play some FFXII when I get the chance next. I need to play moar of that. Ivalice is nice and sunny. FFX is starting to depress me, will get back to that later.

Hahaha, the RPG I choose to play depends on my mood… not really that surprising but lol. I put too much importance and stress out too much over these games.

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