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Ahh, the goodness of ANYBAND. I haven’t really listened to “Talk Play Love” until now, and I love it so much. I even made a new AIM screenname for it. I wanted “talk play love” duh except it was taken so I translated it into French – “parle joue aime.” So retarded but FRENCH IS […]

8:23 AM in the library. KILL ME NOW PLEASE? I’m going to fall asleep in math lecture for sure and I can’t fail that final! Also, Hemingway is beginning to bother me, I may just have to start a real blog again. Such a pain, though! That means I have to make layouts and find […]

I liked the idea of making a blog just for… rambling purposes. Since it really does appear that no one cares about the personal life back at LJ. So I re-found this (made it way back when it first opened, so hah! I have “Hikari!”) and am now using it for who knows what. Not […]