Things that have happened since my last post:

  • Residency

I’m tired quite often. Work-life balance is difficult. I was very naive as a medical student. Think twice about medicine if you’re considering it. And yet there isn’t anything else I’d rather be doing.

In other news, Kingdom Hearts III is supposed to come out later this month. I’ve literally been waiting >10 years for it.

Not much to say here. Happy New Year!

Hello … it’s me.

Just about three years have passed since my last post, and so many things have changed. After thinking I was going to do something completely different, I’ve chosen neurology as my specialty. (Just goes to show how people start med school thinking one thing and come out with something different!) I’ve just completed all of my residency interviews and am anxiously preparing my rank list. Having an existential crisis every day is a unique experience that I would not wish on anyone. There are a number of factors to consider – location, strength of program, support network in area, other lifestyle things.

Personal-life wise, things are different too. I’ve become more confident (kind of), less afraid to try new things (also kind of) … though perhaps stubborn and opinionated as always (definitely). Generally, all good changes that serve to make me a better person, friend, and (hopefully) physician. Still a work in progress though! These have been some of the best four years of my life and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Here’s to residency – moving up and onwards!

It’s always SO much fun to come back to this blog. My last post, I was accepted to 2 med schools – now I’m accepted to 3, and I’m almost done with my first year at the third one! Isn’t that crazy? 3 more years to go, then who knows where I’ll be next? (I know where I’m hoping to be.)

Nothing to say here (which is a lie, because there are a billion things I could say about getting older and social obligations and all the things that have happened to me). Maybe one day I’ll really come back and pick up this blog and relive the days when I went by “Hikari” on the internet.

Once again I remember this blog 2.5 years after I last posted in it. Welp, it’s 2012 … and I will say that going back on the pre-med track was a successful endeavor, because as of today I am accepted to two medical schools – one back in October and one just today! What a long and ridiculous process … but it’s coming to an end. Goodness gracious. How things have changed! Now I’m two decades old, and I can’t believe I snagged this username at the beginning of’s existence. Wow.

I’m also having the biggest First World Problem right now because I can’t decide if I want to formally blog via Tumblr or on a self-installed WordPress blog. Tumblr is great because it’s so easy to post things like images or whatever … but it has no categorization ability? There are tags sure but I don’t like that they’re global on the tumblr network, I want to post my things but I don’t want to tag my post with Avatar and have it go into the Avatar stream on tumblr. Poopy mcpoopsters. (I just finished watching Avatar yesterday or something and it was amazing.) Sigh. I’ll sit on this a bit longer …

In gaming news, I haven’t beaten a game in forever. BLUGHABLUGHA! Still sitting in half completion in P3P, Okami, Pokemon, whatever … also new KH games need to come out pretty prease. 😀

Hello again. My usage of this thing really is sporadic. I forget about it and then I remember it again, and I come back. Now I’m a junior, back on the pre-med track. Taking a double whammy of biology and organic chemistry, which is pretty standard sophomore coursework. I’m a year behind. Debating whether I want to take another year and relieve some pressure on me – I mean, I want to stop Being In School Forever but I also don’t want to kill myself trying to graduate in four years. Yikes. I’m also taking Japanese, which is a … relatively nice repose but lately it’s gotten trickier.

I don’t really have anything to say. The new Kingdom Hearts game came out so I beat that a few weeks ago? I really enjoyed it. Still haven’t beat Dissidia. Am salivating over Fabula Nova Crystallis as per usual.

Nope, nothing new. Ciao!

I’m waiting for the day that Sony finally drops the price of the PlayStation 3. Which looks like it’s never gonna happen. I love my PS2 to bits, but after seeing the trailers for Final Fantasy XIII (and Versus! Even though nothing new has come out about those) … I want a PS3. No backwards compatibility anymore AND $400 price? Urgh! That’s why I purchased a DS Lite in favor of a DSi … and the battery life I hear is longer on the Lite. Sigh.

And also, WHY SQUARE ENIX. WHY. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and all that aaaaaah. But I’ll end up buying the game anyways …. sigh. Insanity! I never saw that coming.

I’m still alive! 🙂 Well, anyways, I still don’t know what to us this for … Hmm, well, recently (last Saturday in fact) I was lucky enough to be able to go to Epik High’s Map The Soul concert! It was an amazing experience and I love Epik High even more. I also touched Tablo’s hand, LOL. Hopefully that doesn’t sound too odd haha but I’m pretty sure that’s standard conduct at a concert. My friend and I started out maybe ten feet away from the stage and wormed our way to like … the second “row.” Open standing woo yeah. So in this past week I’ve probably blown over $100 on Epik High merchandise (not counting my concert ticket). I bought two tshirts (one for a friend in Los Angeles), a concert towel, and I ordered their Map The Soul bookalbum and Tablo’s Pieces of You yesterday. Sigh. Not going to buy anything for the next six months, okay …

I didn’t go to their meet and greet on Sunday, which I’m still beating myself up for. I hope they come back again!

Anyways, it’s almost summer break for me … two more weeks. Two more weeks!!!!!! TWO. MORE. WEEKS!!